Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All About Me

Whether you home school or your children attend public school, I think this is one activity that can really boost your child's self-esteem. My oldest son, who is in 1st grade did a poster in kindergarten. We had so much fun picking pictures for him to put on it and letting him decorate his super star!! Tyson, just entered preschool and this was an activity they sent home the first day of school. We had so much fun making his poster and he loved it when they did his spotlight on him. He cried because he didn't get to bring it home with him!! He was sad to leave Spiderman at school, because he wants to be Spiderman when he grows up!!

J.D. still has his poster from kindergarten. It's of course one of those things that we'll keep, but for now it's hanging on the wall next to his bed so he can see it all the time.

Kids need to know that they are important! They need to know that they are important as children, siblings and as individuals. I just love the idea of highlighting their individuality. You can do this through making a poster, making an all about me book or through family spotlight times. One of the things that my kids love is their scrapbooks. I love to scrap and I have put in a lot of time to make them nice. The kids love to look back at them and have me tell them stories. They never tire of it.

There are lots of books out there that you can get and the kids can color in and fill out as a keepsake book. J.D. is currently working on one that he got for his birthday. But if you want to go a little cheaper here are some great links with really great ideas!

All About Me Book at DTLK kids

Super cute All About Me Book at kids printables. They have cute stuff!! They have printable family trees and lots of other options besides the book.


Dover Fam said...

Way cute post sista!!!! I think Bays star will hang in her room FOREVER!!!! :)

Erin said...

Thank you for these links. They are awesome!

Warren & Stacie said...

I'm so happy I found you. You have a little GIRL! I have 4 boys now. Come visit me at our site!