Thursday, October 16, 2008

Haunted House

Isn't this haunted house so cool? Logan made this at school. All the fifth graders were able to make their own. He had so much fun. They just made it out of paper and cut windows where they wanted to(they even open and close). He just spray painted the house and took branches and halloween stuff and covered it. This house reminds me of a house in a neighborhood that all the kids are afraid to go to but really there is just a nice little lady that is lonely waiting for the Trick or Treaters. Ok, can you tell I have been reading halloween books to the kids? But I just had to share this cool idea, I think it is really great for the older kids. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!


Letti said...

What a fun school project. I betthere were some amazing haunted houses.

Heidi said...

This takes me back to when I was in 5th grade. We made haunted houses just like this!!! That would've been 16 years ago. Thanks for sharing.

TIF said...

I totally rememeber making one of these. I wanted to keep it for a really long time and was pretty upset when it went in the trash. fun project! does Logan have Mr. Powell?