Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheese Cloth Ghosts

This is the EASIEST project ever. Took us like 5 minutes and no real clean up! Love it when it's easy and mess free. There are lots of versions of this craft, but we just used what we had on hand. It's probably silly to post this, because it is pretty common, but sometimes we forget the most obvious things.

You'll need white material of some kind, we used cheese cloth, because it's what we had. Googly eyes or a black marker to draw with. Twisty ties and foam balls. We found a package at the dollar store that had assorted sizes.
I cute the cloth into random sized squares. The kids then put it over the foam balls and tied it off at the base with twist ties. Draw a face or glue on some eye's and your done. Easy, wasn't it?
I love the little guy in the middle with the big googly eyes. I think he's a little creepy looking. I'm note sure what he reminds me of, but it's creepy. Ooh, I know it's the mermaids that Ursula turns into weird little plant people in The Little Mermaid. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? A little off base, but there you go!!!

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Kellie said...

They totally look like the plants in The Little Mermaid,and yes, they are slightly creepy :) Thanks for another great, easy craft idea!!!