Friday, October 17, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Ok, sometimes I just need to take the time to listen to my kids a little closer instead of just "half listen". I am so glad I caught a moment like this.
Imagine this, Adam got home from work and we sat down around the table to eat our dinner. Every evening we go around the table and talk about our "high" and "low" moment of the day. We do this to encourage conversation and try to eliminate table arguing amongst siblings.
Anyway, we all went around the table and shared our thoughts. There were a few moments of silence (not too many of those moments at the Dover house). Then BayLee said "Hey, at school we are learning about skeletons and bones." She points to her head and says "This is my cranium and this is....." She pauses and I am thinking ok, she will need help with tibia, or something like that so I am ready to help when she says "Mom, where is my Flatulism bone?"
OH MY GOSH!! Adam and I about fell out of our chairs. And Logan says(as we are laughing and BayLee is all of a sudden very self-concious) "Uh BayLee, Flatulism is another word for farting". (I didn't make Logan sit in the corner five minutes for saying that word this time-gave him a free one for trying to help) :)
Although a little crude,t his is one of those moments I don't ever want to forget. Pure innocence. I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!!

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Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

ha ha ha! around here we aren't sure what to call youngest daughter has been quoted as saying "my bum burped." gross!