Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a Helpful Hint

Well, we are trying to get a little Christmas shopping done at the Dover house already. I just wanted to let you blogging friends know that I have discovered something that I hope will be helpful to you in some way. Well, my two oldest want bikes so in helping Santa with their wish I have done a little price watching.
I originally went online looking for bikes at Walmart so I could help Santa and tell him exactly what the kids want. Well, I found the perfect bike for my daughter and it was $72.98 before tax online so I thought "Okay, that will work". So, my husband and I go to Walmart and the SAME bike is 120.00 at the store!!!!! I about died!! I went back to and ordered it from there. Also, if you do it that way you don't have to pay shipping and handling. They have a Site to Store option and they send it to the closest Walmart for you.
This was about 10 days ago and Santas delivery showed up today at Walmart (gosh, I hope my kids don't read my blog!). I am now looking for a bike for my son and saw the SAME bike I got for my daughter is now 92.78. It has gone up twenty dollars. Crazy.
But before you shop at your local store check out the website first and don't forget to do the site to store option for shipping.


Heidi said...

I had that same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago shopping for freezers. Home Depot's online price was $70 cheaper than in their store and they said they would match their online price. Crazy!

Kellie said...

Santa got my (now) 3 year old a bike last year and it was purchased through performance bike. (They do not have a location in Utah but we are in AZ)...I know they do have locations in many states (
We spent about $100 and could have got it cheaper had I waited and used an online coupon for 20% off, they send them quite regularly...they will ship to store and assemble for you for free!!! I was very happy with their service and was even able to bring my son with me for pickup and he didn't see it, they helped me that if you are in an area where they are located they may also be someone you want to consider (for a bike,of course)