Monday, October 6, 2008

Awesome Finds

I have been without my camera for a few days while the husband is off hunting :(. I feel like I am missing a piece of myself! Anyway, so no fun projects from me, though I have several to do this week once the camera returns. But I did want to put a post up today with lot's of cool things that I have found!!

This is for all you LDS Bloggers out there. Ever heard of Themed Cuties ? She has darling clipart for holidays and LDS themes. She has quite a few freebies on her website. Go check her out, she is also very affordable! Alway's a plus.

The Toymaker is a fun little site that I stumbled across. They have lots of ideas for paper. Mostly paper toys that she has offered the patterns for. You simply print out what you want and cut and glue. Easy, easy and free!!!

Simplify Supper is a pretty fun site and what a GREAT idea. They were actually on Good Things Utah the other day. It gives you menu ideas for each month with recipes, and your shopping list is all done for you according to what you choose.

Now, I really haven't liked blinkies much, but Cutest Blog on the Block has some adorable ones!! They have many sayings about family and just darling blinkies, like the one featured above. So go deck out your blog with fun sayings!!

Hope you guys thought this stuff was fun! Hopefully I will be back to posting projects soon!!

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