Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Orange Lunch

Today in preschool, it was Orange day. The boys wore orange shirts and everything was about the color Orange. So for lunch I thought it might be fun to extend the day and to an Orange lunch. We had oranges, cheetos, and chicken strips that seriously do look orange. Topped it off with Orange Kool-aid! The boys loved it. Thursday is Purple day. Any ideas???:)!!


Cari said...

A couple of purple foods that I thought of are eggplant, purple grapes, plums, maybe there are purple colored potato chips? I know that there are purple potatoes but where to buy them...I don't know.

Rachel said...

That's super fun! Like Cari I thought of plums and purple grapes - but you could also do jello, you could tint applesauce, I've seen blue corn chips that look more purple than blue to me, the main dish would be the hard one.......You could do homemade bread and dye it purple and make stromboli or ham & cheese pockets (could probably dye frozen bread dough too).