Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Fun Kid Websites

I love the Internet. I love the way that it can be used as a teaching tool. I just wanted to share two of the fun websites that we have used.

The first one is Starfall. My friend, Lori recommened this sight to me. She is a school teacher and has her masters degree in literacy. She mentioned this to me when I was worried about J.D. not knowing his ABC's for Kindergarten, and I must say it's an amazing sight. J.D. plays on it all the time.

Another one we just stumbled across was I Know That. They have sections for the arts, languuage arts, math, science, social studies, thinking games, and a quiz central. Pretty fun sight. I am excited to do the science sections.

We use PBS Kids, a lot. J.D. loves to play on their site and I don't mind letting him. I love all the diffrent variety of games. We also occassionally play on Nick Jr., but we both prefer PBS.

What are some of your favorite kid friendly websites? Let us know!!!


Erin said...

Here are a link to my blogpost with many child-friendly websites:

And here is a link to Rocks in My Dryer's post with child-friendly websites:

Now you have tons of sites to choose from!

aaronandsharla said...

I taught school for 10 years and always used Starfall. Great stuff for free! yeah!