Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art and Nature

This morning was beautiful. I took the kids to the park and while they were playing I had this idea come to me. So I had them help me gather up a variety of things: pine cones, sticks, leaves, and dandelions. Then we came home and we painted. Instead of paintbrushes we used our little collections as brushes.
Our Supplies
First we did leaf tracings. Tyson had a little bit of a harder time than Nathan, but Nathan is almost 5 and Tyson is 3. He just couldn't push the crayon down hard enough. So I helped him and they turned out great. They loved this and we did several of them for each of them.

And then we painted. They used the leaves like quills and their favorite thing to paint with was the dandelions.

Our Gallery

Piper didn't really want to paint, she just wanted to eat it. Good thing it's non-toxic.
We talked about the different textures each item made and the kids had a blast. It was also really easy to clean up. I just threw away all of the supplies and washed the table down. FUN STUFF!!

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Vanessa said...

we did this at our art group on monday the kids loved it! pinecones, flowers, diff leaves, pine needles, apples. it was by far their most fav

vanessa from