Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happiness is MY Heritage

Lastnight as I had the chance to watch the LDS General Womens Conference. It was a great chance to be uplifted as Women of the Gospel. President Uchdorft addressed us at the end and his talk really stuck out to me. I think that is the reason I went, I needed to hear what he had to say. I walked away feeling like I deserved to be happy and it is up to ME to make me that way. Happiness is my HERITAGE!!!! Guess what? It is your heritage too. I think sometimes we are so hard on ourselves and focus on what is going wrong in our lives that we miss the positve things like birds singing, beautiful words of the scriptures, memories with our families, and the feel of grass on our feet. I am so grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I am grateful to be a mother and wife even on the days that I really could pull my hair out. But we all need to remember that our Heavenly Father loves us and that Christ died for us and suffered ALL for us. Even the littlest incidences that cause us pain-hand it over to Jesus Christ and he will take it from you.
Like Brandy said a few posts ago, I think when we are feeling really bad about our lives or feelings like inadequecy we need to SERVE others. When we are in service of others we are in service of GOD. I know when I am feeling self pity, I feel so much better if I bake cookies for someone, write someone a nice letter, or simply smile at everyone I see. These are hard times we are living in and we need to stand out as a positive people with good intentions.
SO SCATTER SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! Have a great Sabbath day.


Shauna said...

So true! I NEEDED President U's message also.

Megan said...

I would probably choose one of the christmas designs. Those are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that talk amazing? I feel like printing up the whole thing and pasting it on my bathroom mirror so I can read it everyday and be inspired! So glad you posted about this.