Friday, September 5, 2008


If you don't cut coupons, your throwing away money!!! Josh's grandma used to tell me that all the time and she used to give me her Sunday paper coupons. And I hardly ever used them. Shame on me!!!

Since I quit my job last year we have been trying to pinch pennies every where that we can. This picture was from my shopping excursion today. I spent $55.00 with tax for everything here, plus a few other things and I saved almost $77.00 in coupons and in store sales.

I hit Albertsons this morning because they are having great 10 for $10, $15, & $20.00 sales. I automatically saved $15.00 from in store rebates by buying the 10 for 10 items. That was on top of the sale price. And then you add in $13.00 in coupons and it adds up quick.

I think I have a new hobby! There is a website called Grocery Smarts that is amazing. Basically, Grocery Smarts has a website that offers FREE listings of local grocery store ads matched with manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper. They mainly operate out of Utah, specifically the greater Salt Lake/Provo/Ogden areas and in St. George.

You have to have a passport code in order to access the whole sight. But without the passport you can print off coupons. That is how I managed to help myself save quite a bit. It's a shame that in St. George there are no grocery stores that double coupons :(.

The passport code for the Las Vegas Area is g89ccb. I have been in touch with the manager of the Las Vegas area and am waiting for her to get back to me with codes for Utah. They teach FREE classes to organizations and church groups as well as in-home classes to show people how to save big on groceries!

As I find out more information, I will pass it along. Go to the website and check it out. Use the Las Vegas passport code to look and get an idea of what they offer. Click on this link to check out the fun website of Collette, who is the Las Vegas area manager.


rowleypoley said...

WOW! Using coupons is still something I need to learn how to do! Maybe I'll have to check out that site!

Colette said...

Thanks for telling all your friends about Grocery Smarts!~ I've had a handful of hits on my blog today from your blog - THANKS! Here's a code for store lists in Utah


Talk to you soon!

aaronandsharla said...

I used coupons one time a few weeks ago and only spent a little over 20 $ for over 40 items- and I saved over 80$- love the coupon clipping!!

brett said...


Have you checked out That is the coupon website I use. Check it out. I can't wait to look at grocery smarts.
I love this blog and was wondering if you have any good ideas for homeade holiday gifts. I just found out that for our family exchange we are supposed to give something that we have made. Let me know if you have any great ideas!