Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time Out For Women

Okay, so I'm leaving it up to ManDee to post some of our fun pictures. But I want to give you a rundown of our weekend. At least from my point of view. Note to ManDee (Fill in the blanks for me, would ya please?)

The theme was Joyful Life. They wanted to show us different ways to find joy in the lives that we have. To find the joy in our relationships, to find joy in our children, to find joy in our relationship with our Savior, to find joy in being a woman. It was chalk full of things that I needed to hear and I left feeling exceptionally well fed, spiritually anyway.

The amazing Hillary Weeks was the musical part of the program. She was also the commentator and we heard a lot from her. What a funny girl. She has such a great sense of humor and a charm about her. Loved to listen to her stories and her music. Amazing!! There are no words for her voice or her songs.

Friday night we had the opportunity to watch the The Nashville Tribute Band preform. AMAZING!!! ManDee could not believe that I had never heard them preform, because I am kind of a church history junkie. I knew a lot of the stories that were shared and it was a lot of fun. Jason Deere is amazing and this was his little pet project. I also found out today that he was in the same mission as my bishop. He left shortly after my bishop came in. Cool little tidbit. Anyway, I thought it was amazing that he could still get so emotional as he told the stories, that I am sure he has told hundreds of times. The spirit was so strong!!! We also had the chance to see Tim Gates. LOVE HIM! He had on his remember rock from girls camp. So cool. Mandee and I went and talked to him, but apparently the pictures didn't turn out.

All of the speakers were amazing. I don't think I could pick a favorite. Amanda Dickson had me laughing so hard. She said a lot of fun and insightful things. We also had the chance to listen to Virginia Hinckley Pearce, which was a great opportunity.

There was so much that I learned and I wish I could share it all here in this blog. I have pages of notes and right now I am on a spiritual high. If you ever get an opportunity to attend one of these conferences, I highly recommend it. Go to this link for more information.

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