Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cutest Turkey's Ever

This was the easiest project ever. I made up some sugar cookies, and I halfed the recipe, so we got 2 dz. I let the kids frost them with chocolate frosting, put on some candy corn for the feathers, we used M&M's for the eye's and yellow frosting for the rest!! Next time I will use black frosting for the eye's but I was to LAZY today to make it. I am so doing these for Tyson's Thanksgiving day party at school.


Jenette said...

The turkeys look so yummy!
Thanks for the directions!
I will have to try these!

aaronandsharla said...

love it. Super cute. I am going to do this!

Kellie said...

Hey, we are doing out turkey cookies on Friday...I will post them then so you can see what a disaster ours turned out to be ;) Remember we have 6 kids under 3 "helping" us!!!

Heidi said...

Such a cute idea!! I'm always looking forward to holidays so I can make my sugar cookies and this will be so fun for Thanksgiving!!! Thanks!