Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Food Storage Post ~ Sorta

I have been racking my brain to try and come up with another food storage post. There is so much information available if you want to research food storage. Since we are not really gearing this to be a food storage blog, I don't want to get to crazy, so I am just going to ramble and see if you can follow my ramblings.

Right now, my biggest goal with food storage is stocking up on the things we use a lot. And right now, there are some really good sales going on. This is the time of year when I stock up on stuffing, canned gravy, sugars, cake mixes, seasonings, cream cheese, cool whip, and all the fun baking items that go on sale around the holiday's. Most items, if left unopened will be good long past the expiration's date. I'm about a 6 month girl, if it is more than 6 months past, I chuck it. It probably is still good, but I'm just not feeling it after 6 months.

I love stocking up on cream cheese, because the stuff lasts FOREVER! I just save myself a little spot in my fridge and I buy quite a bit when it's on sale. Same goes for Cool Whip. My freezer still has 3 pkgs. of Cool Whip from last year. I also have pumpkin left over from last year. My pumpkin pie will be from last years pumpkin, and then I will restock my shelves. Corn syrup is also another great item to buy on sale, because it is fairly cheap right now and it will last a long time.

What items will you be stocking up on?

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rowleypoley said...

I'm with you. I love stocking up on baking items this time of year. I'm always craving sweets!!