Saturday, November 1, 2008

4 Things To Do With Halloween Candy

Whew, are we glad it's over? I know that I am. I love the Holiday, but am always glad to see it on it's way. Now, the question is, what to do with the mounds of Halloween Candy? We weighed ours, and it was 5 lbs worth of candy!!!!! And we didn't even get all that much compared to some kids that I know. I have a couple of ideas of things that you can do with all that candy.

1. Call me cheap, but I go through my kid's candy on Halloween night and I pull out candy for Christmas stockings. They don't miss it and it saves me time and money. I pulled out the M&M's, smarties, suckers, the big candy bars anything that doesn't have a Halloween picture or wrapping on it can be used. Why not????

2. Cut up your chocolate candy and and freeze it in freezer bags. Use your candy instead of chocolate chip when making cookies. Kids love it. I call them Surprise Cookies, because they never know what kind of candy they will be getting.

3. I am way big into food storage. This idea actually came from my sister, Sherry. She gives her kids 3 day's to eat candy to their hearts content. Then she takes it and separates it into chocolate and non-chocolate candy. She has 2 big buckets in her food storage that she calls her junk buckets. She has filled these by using left over Halloween candy. In an emergency, how good is it to know that you have a supply of Mars and Snickers bars in the food storage room???

4. I also stock up on the after Halloween sales on Sweet tarts, Nerds, Suckers, and anything really, that I can get on a good deal. I have a December birthday boy, so I buy candy for his treat bags when it goes on clearance. I also save Nerds, Dum-Dum's and Nestley Mini Kisses and use them for Valentine's day treats.

You have to save wherever you can these day's. Just a few idea's, hopefully they will help you get rid of some of the sweets!!


Shauna said...

I do some of those things. I also donate a huge bag to an organization that provides Christmas and hosts Christmas parties for needy children. They fill pinatas with the candy donated.
Every area has a charity that would love donations of small wrapped candies.

happywife said...

Great ideas for the Halloween candy. I particularly like the one about scavenging amongst the loot for future events. :-) Good thinking.

Freezing and using in cookies is brilliant, too.

Would you consider sharing these great ideas with my site visitors? They're all chocolate lovers and would love your clever tips.

They may even be lured over here to visit your site for other good ideas.

You can add them using the simple form at the bottom of the Halloween chocolates page.

Hope you will.

happywife said...

Thanks for adding your ideas to my chocolate site.

I hope you don't mind that I re-worded a few of the phrases just so it wouldn't be an exact duplicate of your blog post (better for both of us in the search engines). ;)

I know my visitors will really appreciate your tips. I made your blog a link so they can come on over and visit you. :)

Thanks again,

Kris said...

What great ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing. I never even thought of stocking stuffers or food storage!!!

Cole and Kimala said...

Wow... I would never have thought... Good ideas for future reference. Fortunately, we don't have to deal with that for a while.