Monday, November 10, 2008

My Own Definition of Being Prepared

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am the LAST person you would want to be with in the event of famine or disaster! I am the least prepared person around. I promise, if you think you are bad, I am worse. Brandy and I use to make fun of people that were really paranoid and had 72 hour kits, RME meals (Not even sure if I used the right letters!), food storage under beds, etc. But now she has joined "that" bandwagon and I have been left alone to laugh. But I really think in the end I will be the one that is laughed at. So, I decided to be a little prepared when I walked into KMART this afternoon.
Halloween is on clearance for 90% off! I got my son a costume for next year for 2.49 and my six year old daughter a costume for 1.99!!!! I am so excited to have that behind me. For Christmas my husband and I have decided to do a Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas tree so we have been shopping Halloween clearance for things to put on our tree. I have gotten candy off clearance for stocking stuffers.
So, I may not be prepared for the end of the earth, but I am prepared for Halloween next year and for Christmas.
But all kidding aside, I think being prepared in these days are a great thing. But I am a lot like some of you......unsure of where to begin and overwhelmed by the thought. So, we will lean on Brandy for her intelligence. :) If you are in the St. George area and have heard of Alisons Pantry, Brandy is a distributor and it is a great way to stock your cupboard without ever leaving home.

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Kritta22 said...

I'm with you on the preparedness. I'll laugh with you! I think I have some top ramen and a few water bottles out in the garage...does that count as food storage?? LOL