Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Traditions

One of the great things about traditions, is they make the best memories. I have carried some of these traditions over into my own family and I have added some of my own. We alway's got to open one present the night before Christmas. I started that tradition with my chilren, but it's alway's pj's, so they look fabulous on Chritmas morning!! We make gingerbread houses, and cinnamon ornaments for our tree every year.

We go to Tuachan and watch the live Nativity. We go to look at lights and go for a walk around the Temple. They have a beautiful Nativity and the Christmas Story from the bible is read over a sound system every 15 minutes. Our family has a traditions of obtaining 1 new Nativity a year. I have a fun plush Nativity that the kids can play with.

We make cookies for Santa and Reindeer food for the Reindeer. The adults have a tradition of going to The Forgotten Carols, and it's something that both Mandee and I look forward to every year. We have some great memories from that night we spend with our extended family. We bake, we make candy, we do the twelve-day's of Christmas! We do all the normal fun stuff. I have more, but this is working out to be the longest post ever so here are a few NEW traditions that might be fun to add to your Holiday season.

Christmas Elf ~ We have a Christmas Elf. He appears on the first day of Christmas and leaves on Christmas Eve. He watched the children to see if they are being good. He doesn't talk, he just listens and then on Christmas Eve he leaves to go tell Santa how good the children have been. He is in a different place every morning. The kids are so excited to find him every morning to see where he sitting for the day..

Dollar Gift ~ If you have a lot of children you'll love this idea. We draw names, even mom and dad do. Then everyone is given one dollar to spend on that person. We usually visit the dollar stores. It's fun to see what everyone can get for a dollar.

Christmas Eve Ornaments ~ On Christmas eve my children get to open their Christmas Eve Ornaments. This is something inexpensive and they love to see their ornaments on the tree every year. I try to put their names/dates on them. when my children grow up they will have a special collection of ornaments to start decorating their own tree with their new family.

I have tons more and will continue to share them as the Holiday's approach! I love this time of year. I can't wait!!! What are some of your favorite Hoilday traditions?


Dover Fam said...

We too collect nativity scenes. I love unique ones. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas every christmas eve, read a xmas story every night in December up to Christmas Eve, do 12 days of christmas for a family in the area, grandma gets the kids pjs every year for christmas eve. My hubbys bday is christmas day so we have cake and icecream every year. We also do cornish hens for lunch every christmas. I love traditions and have TONZ to share.

Kritta22 said...

We usually have a turkey for Christmas but last year we had ribs instead. I think we will do the same this year for a new tradition. I'm really kinda excited about this year because Connor is older enough to start to get things.