Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Trees

*This is a Repost but I put it on almost three months ago so I figured they were so cute and we have TONS of new blogging friends.
I made these darling trees for super saturday and they were a big hit. They are very time consuming but the end result is well worth it.

These cute trees were so much fun to make. I had a friend in my ward find these cool trees in the Oriental Trading Scrapbooking catalog and wanted to make them for super saturday. I called Brandy right up and asked her if she by chance had seen anything on any blogs she had been too ,about how to make them. She quickly reminded me that they were on Abbys page at A Feathered Nest. They were so easy to make but quite time consuming. With all the interruptions I have (love the children) it took three nights. I just did a tree a night, way fun and theraputic. The supplies are just scrapbooking paper, pins, and styrofoam cones. Go check out the tutorial at A Feathered Nest, she explained it wonderfully. The ladies at church were pretty excited about them-YIPPEE!!!


aaronandsharla said...

I have trees like this that someone made for me like 15 years ago- yes a long time ago- and I still put them out for C-mas decor- maybe I'll make some more- so cute.

aaronandsharla said...

ok my trees are made out of wooden dowels and fabric- so maybe I'll have to post those-they are different from these- but these are really cute- and easy fun.

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Candy said...

this was one of the first posts i read on your blog a while back and fell in love with the craft! i can't wait to do it with my sons!
Oh, and Brandy...THANK YOU!!!! for my swap pack!! I LOVE everything and have it with my other xmas stuff to set out this weekend! :) Happy THanksgiving!