Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls

One of the things that I love about blogging, is that you find so many talented woman out there who love to share their lives. I found a fun blog called My Crazy Life. She has lot's of great ideas for little girls hair and recipes. OH MY, her recipes. I seriously printed off every single recipe she had. I had to try these out Saturday morning and was shocked at how good they turned out. How pretty they were!! I love it when food looks good.

The reason I had to try it was because they have vanilla pudding in the dough. Yes, you heard right, vanilla pudding. They were the moistest cinnamon rolls I have ever had. I make cinnamon rolls off and on, but nothing like these. I have found a recipe that I will use forever.

Here they are all warm and gooey, with the divine frosting on top. J.D. didn't really like the frosting, but everyone else did. They were gone so quick. I only wish it were a little quicker to make them, but well worth the sacrafice of time! Click on this link to go directly to the recipe for these cinnamon rolls. She even has all of her recipes done up way cute on digital scrapbook pages. Oh, she's cute!! I love her sight and will visit it often.

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