Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have entered the teething stage with Mia. I have to admit something. It has been six years since I have had to deal with teething, or with anything baby related so I have felt like a first time mom and research every little thing to death. Fevers, sleeping too much, not sitting up at six months, not rolling over at four months, not gaining enough weight (Mia not me- I am gaining plenty of weight. :) . Well, I have now moved on to the teething. I know the time is here because my once happy go lucky sleep through the night baby has turned into a crying, hold me, wake up in the night baby. Her bottom two teeth come right to the surface and then disappear, I am not kidding. So, we have now moved into the ,what can we do to sooth her, stage. So in my alotted time for blog surfing (which gets longer and longer each day) I searched for teething stuff. This article was awesome. It answered almost everything. So, if you are going through this right of passage, check out the article!!!

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