Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a Fun Cooking Idea

I found a great sight that you should all go check out. It's called Freeze Happy! Does the name give you a clue, what it might be about? It's all about freezer meals. Something that I know a lot of people are interested in. The recipe's itself are worth it, but I do lilke the idea of having a casserole or two tucked away for those off-the-wall day's when you just need a break from cooking. (Those seem to be my normal days anymore!)

Emilie started to do some research on this subject and shortly afterwards, her sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. So she set out to help by making up some freezer meals and made up enough main dishes, side dishes and desserts to last 6 weeks!!! Amazing. This is a fairly new sight, I belive she just started it up in June, but what a find!! Go check it out.

I stumbled across this blog while checking out My Crazy Life. She has a fun little contest going on right now, she is holding a cookie recipe contest! Two lucky winners will recieve a digital copy of her personal recipe album! And the girls crafty so you know it's gotta be cute!

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