Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fabulous Websites to Help You Spend Less

I love saving money! I must admit that I am a thrift store and garage sale shopping mom.

One place that I cringe every time I visit is the grocery store. FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE! If you don't already know, I am a food storage nut. I started selling for Alison's Pantry about a year ago and have got into buying bulk and have recently really started to watch my coupons. You can save a ton if you do it right.

I have found several websites that will help you save money when shopping at the grocery store. I had to share these with you.

Way More 4 Way Less ~ What a great blog. They have lots of ideas on saving money, but the amount of resources they have available for coupons is AMAZING!!

Pinching Your Pennies ~ You have to sign up to access this sight, but it is free. They have forums where people post the best deals of the week and where you can find coupons to save you a little more money!

Coupon Cravings ~ Another great coupon sight.

Box Tops 4 Education ~ Agian, you have to sign up but it's free. This website let's you print off coupons for items that carry Box Tops. It also let's you track how much money your local school has made from box tops! Kind of neat.

Thanks to all you ladies and gents who run these sights and for sharing your knowledge and insight with us!! Now lets all go save some money!!

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