Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Hairdo

First I parted the hair down the middle and put one side in a clip while I worked on the other side. I made a topsy-turvy ponytail first by pulling a little lock of hair into a pony tail, split in half below the rubberband, tuck the pony tail through the split and pull through (will take picts next time). then pulled that into the rest of the hair and made a ponytail. I then braided the ponytail and started all over on the other side.
View from behind.
And from the front!! Such a cute girl!!!!
Please forgive me on the quality of this post. This is my first "hair" post and I thought of it AFTER I was done. So the step by step photos were an after thought. It was really super easy and looked really cute. BayLee hates her hair curled so "Updos" are very popular in our house. I want to do more of these kind of posts because I know I am always looking for new ideas and love to share the ones I find. Next time I hope to put flowers at the top of braid.

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