Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking Water Colors to a New Level

I am always trying to think of different ways to do crafts outside the box. BayLee is my little artist and is always wanting to do art. She spent two hours doing this yesterday and will probably want to do it again today. I had done this with Logan when he was her age but it just became a mess. :) It just washes right off when she was done and she did it all on her own. After each drawing was done she would just spray it with the water bottle and dry it off with the towel. I think she liked it because normally you wouldn't say to your child,"Hey, why don't you go color on the window". So, step out of the box and let your child do water colors on the window. Just make sure it isn't acrylic paint-learned that the hard way. Doesn't come off as well!!! :)
Materials: watercolors, paintbrushes, cup with water, spray bottle, towel
A serious artist at work
Mom is letting me do what??????
I think this was her favorite part!!

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