Wednesday, August 27, 2008

6 Braids into a Messy Bun

I had so much fun doing this little hair-do!!!! I am so glad that I have a little girl that loves to get her hair done. :) She doesn't really like the process but she loves it once she is done.
Hair tip:Give them something to play with while you do it. Toddlers love brushes and toothbrushes. I let BayLee bring her barbies to the bathroom and she does their hair while I do hers.
Anyways, First: I put mousse in her hair (did this wet). I then made six little braids around the crown of her head. Using little elastics for each braid.
Second: Pulled remaining hair into pony tail then added the braids into the ponytail.
Third: Made a messy bun and used pomeade on the bun and curled loose ends. Finished it by putting a ribbon around the bun.

Braids into pony tail

Messy Bun
Front view.

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Kat said...

That looks so cute!