Thursday, August 28, 2008

Easy Cup Memory Game

This was so easy! I got the idea from World Preschool Mom. This cost me $2 to make!! I went to the dollar store and bought 1 pkg. of cups and 1 pkg of 2 sheet stickers. We used Pirate of the Carribean stickers. All you do is stick the stickers in the top of the cups.
Tyson loved looking inside the cups for the match.

He also loved setting them up.

And he loved cleaning them up.

And what a space saver!! They stack right up and take up very little space. Super fun and super easy. We also used them to build towers, knock them over and my 1-year-old loved just stacking them inside of each other. The kids played with them all day, in fact as I type the neighbor boy, Carsyn and Tyson are playing memory!!! Loving it!

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Kris said...

I have got to go get some cups and do this!!!! My boys will love it.