Thursday, February 19, 2009

Traveling Miracles

For my birthday and our 11 year anniversary my husband and I are going to DisneyLand! I am so excited to go on a little getaway with just him and be able to be at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Of course with the economy the way it is (man I am sick of that phrase!) I have been looking for the good deals out there and have saved us a lot of money. I wanted to share these sites with you so if you and your family are looking for ways to save money on a vacation you will have place to start.

First of all I figured since it is just him and I going I would look into flying. I wasn't having any luck with Orbitz, Travelocity, or any of the other sites out there so I pleaded for help on my facebook and was given the advice to checkout southwest. So, I did and found GREAT airfares. They have a really good promotion going on right now on one way tickets. My husband and I are flying from Vegas to LA for 200 dollars ROUND TRIP. That is for the two of us! Isn't that amazing?

Second of all, we needed a rental. I searched through southwest, found great deals but by the time I had money to book the car, the deals were gone. OH GREAT, I thought. So I went to hotwire to see what they could do for me and we get a rental car for four days for $80.00! That is $20 a day!

Third, we need tickets for DisneyLand. This is a little side note, because we aren't going with kids, but there is a website Get Away Today and for $800 a family of four can have a four day vacation at DisneyLand! That is for three nights stay in a hotel and four three day parkhopper tickets! A huge saving!!!! But for Adam and I we are just going to take advantage of the Adult play for the kids price ($70 savings) and then my birthday will be free. 2009 special-play for free on your bday at DisneyLand.

I got a hotel room for the last night there (the other nights will be spent at a family members house) for $50 at So my whole trip: Airfare, Rental car, DisneyLand Tickets, and Hotel comes to less than $700!!!

So, there are deals out there! Cruises are really inexpensive right now too! See, there is something positive about a recession.

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