Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Rice Krispie Hearts

I am the "party mom" for my first graders class and I have been trying to come up with some fun snacks. I know I will be overloading them with sugar but Valentines Day is my very favorite holiday-it is also my anniversary.

I just took the basic Rice Krispie treat recipe off the box of cereal. I added food coloring to the melted butter and marshmallow right before I added the cereal. I then used a cookie cutter to get the heart shape, and melted chocolate to put a heart in the center of the Rice krispie. I finished it off with sprinkles.

I think they turned out really cute and hope the kids will enjoy them. I am making a couple other things too but I think Brandy is posting the heart oreo cookies. She made them for her sons preschool class and they were a success, so I will be doing those as well.


Kellie said...

Did you just add food coloring? Those are so cute!

Dover Fam said...

I just added food coloring right before I added the rice krispies. Thanks for the compliment. :)

Liberty Williams said...

Love it! I think they actually have strawberry flavored marshmallows, so that would be super yummy! Cute idea!!!