Friday, February 27, 2009


I just have to say I love this movie! I think every girl 15 and over needs to see this movie. I have been twice and it is one I will buy. Lastnight I went with two of my "sisters" to see it and one of them is 16. She is going to Europe in a couple of months with her school and it really made her aware that she needs to be careful while she is there.
I lived overseas for six years and lived what I consider to be a "sheltered" life. My parents would let me go with my friends to Venice and Florence without adults. We were 16-18 years old and I never would have thought that there were people out there that would hurt me. I felt invincible and I trusted everybody. Now granted that was 20 years ago (wow) and things are different now but it really made me think. My 16 year old "sister" said that everybody that is going on this school trip to Europe needs to see this movie.
It is about sex trafficing of teenage traveling girls and it is done with such class and accuracy. Liam Neeson does such a great job and I told my husband that if I knew Liam Neesons character in the movie, he would be my American Express card and I wouldn't leave home without him!
This movie reminds us that we need to be more aware. It showed that parents need to have good communication with eachother and with their children. The parents in this movie were divorced but there was deceit about their daughters trip to Europe. Alot of it could have been avoided if they would have trusted eachother. Some times I like to think that things like this don't really happen but the truth is, it does. So, if you like action packed, intense movies you would love this movie.
If you have seen this movie I would love to hear your opinion!


Jenette said...

I have been wanting to see this movie! Now I REALLY want to see it cause of your post!!

Kayci Ayers said...

I saw this movie over the weekend and it was SO GOOD! I had to remember to take a breath every now and then. Its about time there's a non-romantic, truth telling story about traveling abroad.

Smullin Family said...

I DID see this movie and didn't love it. I think you're point about being aware and cautious is a good one though.

I didn't think the movie was that good for these reasons... I felt like the "kidnappings" happened too quickly, without plot or character development. There was A LOT of brutality, in-humane and cold-hearted killings. There was swearing and sex. Basically, you don't leave the theater uplifted or inspired. (And I'm not one that is too "goody-two-shoes" either. I can handle some of this normally.)
Good point... Liam Nieson (sp?) did a nice acting job.

Another movie we were not impressed with, "7 Pounds", with Will Smith. We love Will Smith, but this was too confusing, totally predictable and weird.

One more... don't see, "Nick and Nora's Endless Playlist". It's terrible. I wish I hadn't finished it. I was waiting for it to get better. It has sex, homosexuality, under age drinking and a lot more yucky stuff.

Ok, getting off my "movie soap box" now. Are you sorry you asked? Guess we've just had a run of bad luck in picking movies recently.