Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leprechaun Trap

This was so much fun! St. Patricks Day is a holiday that gets overlooked a little in my house. We wear green and that is about it. I tried making corned beef last year but it didn't work too well. In my "Googleing" St. Patricks Day today I found these Leprechaun Traps and knew my kids would love to do this. BayLee wants to catch one to just say "Hi" and then let it go. They are so sure that this will work...so I think on St. Paddys day I will put something in the trap and say that he left it behind and used magic to get out or something like that. We just covered shoe boxes in foil, then I pulled out the craft tote and let them do whatever they wanted to their boxes. BayLee put Lucky Charms on hers and paper coins. Logan drew on his and added a rainbow.
They are so excited to put it out the night before St. Patricks Day! I am so glad we did this today.

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Kathy said...

Hey there, just have to say I love your blog.

Our St. Patty Day Tradition is to have green floats with supper. (Lime Sherbet and pop) The kids love it and look forward to it!