Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts and Ideas

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week! Teacher appreciation day is May 4th. I don't think that limiting your appreciation should be stopped at teachers, but should include the faculty at the school. The principal, the office ladies, the school counselor! Anyone who helps to ensure that your child has a healthy educational experience. That doesn't mean go crazy! Here are some fun, easy and cheap ideas I've gathered for this years appreciation week!
Sometimes it's as simple as writing a heart felt, thank you note! I know that when I feel appreciatied, it makes a big difference in my day. Cottage Industrialist has this cute and free printable apple card available on their site. Print this off, add a little note and maybe a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

No Fuss Fabulous, had this great idea! Make a pencil bouquet and give this cute and free printable card to your teacher! They also have a darling, Smore basket with a free down loadable card! Darling stuff!

Parties by Hardie has this cute little wreath and a few other great ideas!

Skip to My Lou has a huge list, of easy things that you could throw together this weekend. Also in this post, you can find some fun printable ideas. I love free printables. Always makes things so much easier!

How Does She has a great little list, with a free printable card.

Tip Junkie, has a big list of teacher gifts. And these right here, are what I will be doing for my teachers and administrators! Go check out this post, from Eighteen25, (which is my new favorite blog, by the way) and get some easy, easy ideas that you can put together this weekend and that won't cost you a fortune! I love these, because you could use them for a huge variety of events. For primary teachers, for visiting-teachers and friends. You name it. Lot's of great ideas!

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