Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frame a Birdie

I have a birthday this week. A big one!! Well, I think it's big, it was big enough for Mandee to throw me a surprise party this weekend! And when I say party, I mean, sit down formal dinner, slide show and the whole 9-yards. It was amazing! And I happen to be the dumbest person ever on the face of the planet. There will be pictures to come, because she and my sister-in-law's put in so much work and it was beautiful! Had I known, I would have taken my camera, but being that it was surprise, no such luck so now I am waiting on pictures!

Anyway, back to my birthday. I went home last weekend and got a few presents early. My cute sister, Sherry, made this for me! She knows I love vintage birdies and silhouettes.

She got the idea off of this post on Eighteen 25. Instead of using scrapbook paper, she used material and felt. It is darling!! So bright and springy! My brother-in-law even got involved. He sketched the birdie for me! Thanks sis!!!

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