Saturday, April 17, 2010

DI Frame Extreme Makeover

This was pretty simple. I love this frame. I found at DI for $3.00.

I wasn't really digging the Avocado picture. So I popped out the canvas. Attempted to find some glass to fill in the frame. Which took me months, mind you. I eventually had my husband cut some down with this teeny tiny glass cutter we have.

I originally wanted to leave the frame white, because I thought it had a tone of character, but in the meantime I rearranged my living room and the white frame, just wasn't working for where I wanted it. So I sanded it down a bit, painted black over the top of it and then sanded it down to give it a vintage look.

I used some E-6000 (Walmart craft section), which is an industrial strength glue, to glue the glass into the frame. I had purchased my vinyl from Scribble It months ago and when it was all ready, simply laid the vinyl on and here is the finished product.
I am in love with it! I know the vinyl is on a bit crooked, my hubby reminds me often, but it has a lot of character. I am making something similar, but on a much larger scale from a sister-in-law. I love refurbishing DI treasures!
Take some time to go and check out Scribble It. I have bought vinyl from Cammi several times and have alway's been happy with it. I love, love, love the metal nativity, which I bought this past year! It's a great sight with lot's of fun ideas!


Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

Kellie said...

What a cute idea...I love it! I know that Home Depot and I think Lowes will cut the glass for you and it used to be free (we did buy the glass from them), but that was about 6 years ago...just an FYI!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

very cute idea!

Craft Envy said...

Wow, I love a good DI find, especially when you make it fabulous like you did! Thanks for linking up to Saturday Spotlights!

linda said...

Super cute! Love the makeover! although, that was one sexy avocado.... lol jk Thanks for joining the Craftaholics Anonymous party! I had fun stopping by and checking out your craftiness!