Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Moon Cupcake Picks

I made these for a baby shower! That's right folks, a baby shower. My friend Shelley asked me to help her out and make some cupcakes for a baby shower she was throwing, the day that New Moon came out.
I think they turned out way cute! I only did Edward, because both Mommies-to-be were Edward fans.

I saw the idea to use forks as the picks somewhere online. I can't remember, but it was on several different sights. We cut about half the handle off the forks off so they wouldn't be so long. I got the silhouette graphic from Pin and Paper. Everything else I made using Lettering Delights products. It is seriously one of my favorite places to get fonts and I buy the graphic kits too, because they are super cute. (And they have lot's of freebies!!) I was able to get these during their dollar day's sale! I bought all of the Twilight fonts and the Edward and Jacob graphic sets. The twilight and Team Edward picks, I just made up with my fonts.
I used a 2 &3/4 inch punch to cut them out. Then I thought they were to plain, so I just took a red and black stamp pad and went crazy smudging the edges. I think my favorite one is the Volvo, that say's "stupid shiny Volvo owner,"
I also toyed around with just putting quotes on the picks, but it just didn't feel right. I seriously agonize over making things for other people. It gives me major anxiety, but I think they turned out pretty cool!!

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Brittney said...

Way cute! You're so creatively talented.