Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Sew Felt Poppy Clips - Tutorial

These are stinkin' cute! I have made poppies out of fabric before and had them turn out okay, but it was a complicated process with using a pattern and cutting them all out and it took forever. I made 3 of these in just under 20 minutes. They are that simple. I had a friend teach us how to make these at a Young Women's activity, but she had us sewing them together. I have made some like that, but using the glue gun is so much easier and they seem to hold up the same.
Your going to need 6 circles cut out of felt, all the same size. These are 2 inches in diameter. I used a pattern that I had already made for silk flowers. Which will be hopefully posted on here next week!

Your going to take a piece and fold it in half. You may want to put a dab of glue right in the center of that crease. I don't do that on every one, but sometimes they do unfold. Up to you!

Then fold it in half again and stick a dot of glue in the fold to hold the petal in place. You will have a triangle shape petal.

Take one of your pieces of felt and put a dot of glue and glue your petal on. Repeat this step with the other 3 circles. I like to do the first two petals right across from each other and then fill in the gaps with the other 2 petals.

This isn't a great picture, but this is what it will look like. If you have any edges sticking out, you will just want to trim them off. You can leave it just like this, or.......
Glue a cute button into the center. I love buttons! Place your last piece of felt in between the prongs of your hair clip. Smother the top of the felt with hot glue and attach it to the back of your flower.
This is seriously so easy and so cute! You can use them to embellish, purses, clothes, and just about anything you want. Tomorrow I am going to show you another use for them!

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