Monday, April 26, 2010

Pinwheel Centerpieces

Our theme for this baby shower was spring.
Lot's of pastel colors,flowers and pinwheels.
Look closely at the table, there are tons of little 2 inch pinwheels on the table.
We had planned on making these for napkin rings,
but we ran out of time, so we just scattered them on the table.
It looked really cute.
The tins were empty Stephen's Cocoa Honeyville Farms smoothie mix cans.
We just modge podged coordinating paper to the tins.
So cute and easy!
To make the little pinwheels we cut the paper to 2 inch squares.
Then simply cut the four corners in at about 1 inch deep.
Then you fold the four corners down and glue them.
We used buttons to put at the center.
The big pinwheel is a 6 inch square.
We attached flat thumbtacks to the back.
We painted regular #2 pencils, for the stick.
Stick your thumbtack in the eraser and your done!
They are functional and spin.
Add some craft foam in the bottom of the tins
and top that with some shredded paper!!
These could be used for a variety of things.
Heck, my kids love pinwheels.
It's a great afternoon craft!

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