Monday, September 28, 2009

Brandy's Christmas Wish List

My mom had a Food Saver when I was kid, but I guess I never appreciated how cool these are! My friend Kim over at All About Food Storage uses one and I got to see it in action the other day. Now I am dying to have one! I would be able to make massive amounts of Granola all at one time and seal it in bottles. Pretty and convenient!

One of these with a nice big red bow on top!

Have you seen this Etsy shop? It doesn't have to be the pendant, in particular. Any of them will do. I think I'm switching to Team Jacob. The boy is too cute!

This will definitely be under my tree. If I can wait that long to get it. Oh, who am I kidding. December 8th, I'll be buying myself an early Christmas present.
I've blogged about this before and I REALLY want one of these!

And finally, I want this book! I love a good pioneer story! Plus Gerald Lund is a great author.
It's an odd assortment of this and that, but it's the things I've been wanting for a while. What do you want for Christmas?

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DV-Becca said...

Great list! I want giftcards to my favorite stores- and a babysitter so I can shop the day away :)