Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy 8

I stumbed across Crazy 8 on a blog, and I can't remember who it was, but I immediately fell in love. It's a lot like The Children's Place.

Unfortuantely there is not a store in my state!! Why is that, I wonder? Thank heavens for internet. They are super affordable and have super CUTE clothes!

If you join their email list, you will recieve a $10.00 off coupon.
I think I love the fact, that not everyone will have the same clothes as my kids. I do love Childrens Place and I especially love their prices, but I see the same clothes on every kid. This is just a fun change of pace.


Letti said...

I love crazy 8. We have them in our malls here in Southern California but I still do most of my shopping on their website. Their clothes are very good quality too. Did you know its a sister store to Gymboree.

Heidi said...

I received a coupon in the mail that had the add for Craxy 8 clothes but it was good for the children's place. I thought it was a new line they had picked up or something.