Monday, March 9, 2009

Girls Camp ~ HELP PLEASE

I am an advisor in the Young Women's program in my ward. I went to girls camp last year and had a blast!! First time I had been as an adult and also the first time since I was a 14. Can you believe that? I know I missed out on a lot. Anyway, I guess I am the assistant camp director also! And it's ward girls camp, not stake!!! We are planning everything!!! So I need your help. Give me all your great ideas for girls camp. What have you seen done that works and what doesn't. What is your favorite girls camp meal? (I am kind of in charge of food) Has anyone ever done Camp bucks and how well did that work for you? What activites have you done that created unity within your ward? Any and all advice and ideas will be appreciated.

Our theme is "It's a Jungle out There." Now go crazy and let me know your ideas!!!!


Shauna said...

I actually planned a camp with this theme many years ago. I dont have time to dig out everything until Time Out For Women is over next week, but email me at the end of the month to remind me and I will see what I can help you with.
It was a totally fun theme. We had safari hats for the Leaders. All the Cabins were named after Animals. We made that dirt pudding with gummy worms in it. Look at Oriental Trading for some ideas as far as handouts, accessories, decorations.
We used that talk about staying away from Spiritual Crocodiles for one of the campfires.
We had bongo drums for one of the nights.
Hopefully some of this helps.
email shaunahh(at)aol(dot)com

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, my! As the Camp Director for 5 years I don't know where to start!
We rough it in our stake, but have a blast.
I love to cook over the fire and dutch ovens are my favorite.
I don't go all out on the "fluffy stuff" I like doing crafts the girls like and will use, not something that will get thrown away.
I will go through my "junk" and see what inspires me.

The Garden of Egan said...

This might be a blog you want to check out, I just ran into it.

Good Luck!

Heidi said...

I miss yw's & I don't know how you got both callings WOW! Just a few ideas: Midnight Ice cream sundae's. (On our first night after everyone was in bed we rang the bell & made everyone get up for ice cream sundae's). Also one craft we did was scrapbook a $1 store photo album they could use for pictures or notes from camp. Advice I'd give is Keep them pretty busy because too much extra time leads to trouble and girls getting left out. GOOD LUCK!