Friday, March 13, 2009

Coraline: Not A Movie For Kids

Ok, so it was my turn for a one on one with my 6 year old daughter. I thought I would take her to a cute cartoon movie for girls. HELLO! This movie was terrible. I should have just gotten up and taken her out. That is what a lot of you will wonder by the time I am done telling you about this movie.
It was about a little girl who moved into a new house with her mom and dad. They were too busy to pay too much attention to her so she often thought about what it would be like to have a different set of parents. Well, a little boy in the neighborhood became her friend and gave her a doll that looked just like her. Well, this doll ended up being a spy for her "other mother" that lived through a little door in the wall. Coraline ended up going through the door each night and her "other parents" seemed to be perfect. I likened this to satan. He tries to make all evil appealing. Well, come to find out, the "other mother" looks into the childrens souls, convinces them to leave their families, and live with her. In order to do this she has to pluck their eyes out and replace them with buttons. Coraline never made it that far. She ended up killing the "other mother" (who is really a very scary witch).
In the middle of the movie there were two big ladies that do musicals. Well, one came out with tasels on her .......breasts. It was soooooo bad. I am really kicking myself for not leaving. It would have been a great lesson. But my 6 year old wanted to make sure that Coraline ended up ok and I felt it would be more traumatic to not know. Ok, really, should I have to ask myself if I should leave in a cartoon????? I feel like I was beckoned to this movie because it looked cute......well, it was anything but that.
So, as we were leaving, my daughters church teacher was two rows in front of us. I asked her what she thought and she said, "I was impressed by the creators imagination". So maybe I totally don't think I did. We will not be buying this movie.


DV- Rebecca L. said...

Thanks for the heads us- You are not a terrible mommy, I think your daughter would feel better knowing it ended ok, and talking about the things you didn't like about the movie makes her empowered to recognize those issues in other media.

Brittany Ann said...

Good to know. Sometimes the way movies are portrayed is really deceiving. My kids won't be watching it. Thank you for the tip.

Christine C. said...

I'm sorry I had to laugh a little! I totally agree with you! We were going to bring my 5 1/2 year old daughter as well, but then that morning I heard on the Today show it wasn't appropriate for kids under 9. Wow it sounds unbelievable that THAT was a kids movie! I agree with you, if you left, she probably would of been more upset. It amazing what they show on even disney movies! Thanks for the confirmation... we won't even rent this one!