Friday, June 19, 2009


Mandee and I discuss this topic often. We all have them and yet we do not talk about them. They are the hidden skeletons in our closet that we try so hard not to show the world.

Women judge each other. Not only judge each other but compare themselves to other. "That lady down the street is so busy. I just don't know how she gets it all done. 4 kids, a busy church calling and she still finds time to do volunteer work. I could never handle all that she does." SOUND FAMILIAR?

Mandee and I have often discussed how we find comfort in being with each other when it comes time to go to big functions, such as a PTO meeting. We've got each others back! I have many insecurities and often feel that my ideas and opinions, don't really matter or that they are not as good as others. We lend each other support to speak up and more often than not, people like our ideas! And yet, we still dread stating our opinions.

How sad is our society that we feel this way? Maybe not all of you feel this way. I think lots of women put on a good show and make it look good, but secretly they feel the same way. At least I hope they do because that means I am not a minority. At the same time. hurrah for women who are empowered and don't let their insecurities inhibit them.

When did women begin to feel incompetent? When did we start to compare ourselves to others? Why do we compare? Shouldn't we just go out and befriend others and offer ourselves in service, be it to our family, our community, or our faith? Why am I worried about the mom down the street, when I should only worry about whether my children feel loved. If they think I am a good mom, then I probably am. I hope I am.

I am who I am and it's all I can be. I can't be any less, but can always be more. There is always room for improvent and bettering ones self. So today, just remember that it is okay to have dishes in the sink and to have laundry piled up. We can only do so much. So go and enjoy the weekend and play with your kids and be their mom. They will love you all the more for it.


Kris said...

Amen to that!!!! I've definitely been feeling this lately, even though I know I have a legitimate excuse for not doing all I think I should, every time something is left undone or I see others doing such cool things that I never think of.....out comes the security blanket. Thank you for reminding us it doesn't have to be that way!!!!!

Kim Henke said...

You hit the nail on the head. I know I can relate to those feelings. We all need a little pep talk and reality check about all the expectations we have for ourselves.