Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fourth of July Rockets

These were super fun to make! I got the template from Skip to my Lou. She always has great ideas! When I went to her sight this morning she has a template up for a fun star garland!!

These were pretty easy to make. We printed the template, cut everything out and put the template around a toilet paper roll. However the rolls were a little big and the paper would wrap around but didn't overlap. So we used tape to attach the two sides. I used hot glue to attach the cones on the top and I also glued the fins on. I tried to not glue them and they wouldn't stand.

I also ran out of toilet paper rolls and we printed the template out on card stock and it worked just fine by itself. We just rolled it and taped the seams.
I thought we could use them as decoration, but my 4-year-old has been carrying his around playing with it. On Skip to my Lou, she put a bottom on them and filled them with candy and 4th of July treats. It makes a great boredom buster.


Dover Fam said...

Very cute Brandy!!!!

Kris said...

Way cute Brandy!