Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Darling Fonts

I love love love to use cute fonts. I have searched and searched for the most perfect collection of fonts that were also ok to download. My husband is a computer guru and is really cautious about what can be uploaded onto our precious hard drive. I usually mess up the process so I don't blame him.

A little while ago I finally found Kevin and Amandas FREE fonts and now I have over 300 SUPER fun fonts. The process to download them is a little tricky (or I am just not computer savvy) but once my wonderful hubby downloaded them I was way excited.

I still hand write my journaling in my scrapbooks (I am refusing to go digital), but now I just type out the journaling in darling font, print it, and slap it in the scrapbook.

She also has free fonts for digital scrapbooking if you have crossed the enemy line. :) So go check out this awesome font site. Do you know of anyother great font sites??

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