Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flip Flop Invitations

I am doing the easiest birthday party this year for my daughter that will be turning 7. Our local Aquatic Center has a great birthday package. For $65 12 kids can get into the pool, have a hotdog or nachos, goodie bags, and decorations. How easy is that?

I wanted to do something fun for the invitation and came up with this idea. I just typed up the info in word in a narrow strip so it would be able to fit on the flip flop. I traced my toddlers size 5 sandal and used that as the template. I used glue dots and made a frame out of the purple paper. I used my stamps and put the cute flowers on. I was trying to think of how to make the toe straps----tada!!! Ribbon. I just used an exacto knife and cut four slits, pulled ribbon through and taped it to the back.

Super cute and cheaper than the store bought cards for pool partys!!


Kellie said...

Those are so cute, and what a great deal! Hope she has a great b-day and that it is not to stressful for you :)

Shauna said...

Darn cute...Have you seen the flip flop cookies? I think I have them on my blog, if not you can google them. So perfect.