Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Scheduling

I can't believe that Summer vacation is approaching so quickly. We aren't fortunate enough to have year round school here so we are left with a two and a half month long break in the hot sun.

The past two summers have really flown by with fun activities and I think that is because I try to have a schedule for each week. Now the schedule can be flexible but I really try to stick to it. Each morning they do chores and then they will each do a couple worksheets a piece with each day a different subject. One day will be writing, one day will be math, one day we will do a science experiment, one day we will research a subject. When this is done we will do something fun.

Last year Mondays were library days. Tuesdays were a park day. Wednesday was a local attraction day. Thursday was a luck of the draw day where they pull an idea out of a jar. Fridays are "free" days. Saturdays we clean the house. This works really well because it maintains some sort of schedule for the kids. Each day after lunch we read for 30 minutes. Last summer it got to the point where my son wouldn't even hear the timer when the time was up and he would read for a long time. He would look forward to reading time and I hope that continues this year.

I love summer and I love the memories we create. I love the fact that summer camps exist. My son will be going to a couple this summer. I think they are great for older children.

What are some of your ideas for summer and do you know of any great websites that have cool worksheets? I have a few sites I use that I will put in a later post.

Have a HAPPY SUMMER!!!! We will be blogging all of our summer crafts and boredom busters!!!!


Kris said...

I may be calling you for more ideas. It is going to be a very interesting and HOT summer. I may be spending quite a bit of time in Cedar and up the mountain. :)

Kritta22 said...

That is such a good idea to stick on a schedule. i have a few years until Connor is in school but I like your schdeule idea.

mindy said...

let's coordinate schedules and then we can go play together!