Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HCG follow up

So I finished out my 40 day's on the HCG diet two weeks ago. Happily, I've been able to add a wider variety of food to my life. I've found that with more freedom though, I've sorta lost control. Every morning I weigh in and see where I am at. If I go higher than 2 pounds of my last weigh in date, which was the last day I took a shot, I'm in trouble. So far I have yet to do that. I am maintaining my weight loss. I've been able to add in a wider variety of fruit, some cheese, a little milk and a variety of other fun food. Stuff that I would probably never eat before, but it's like manna from heaven!

I lost 29 lbs in 40 day's. You would think that I would be overjoyed about that, right? I am extremely happy, but yet I still feel really fat. I think that is society. Or maybe I am just crazy. I know I still need to lose about another 40 lbs, but I can't seem to be really happy about the 29 that I have lost. I'm happy and yet disappointed that it wasn't more. Does that make sense? I think that society has made me this way. I will never be twiggy thin, and while my idea of beauty is far from meeting the ideals of the media, I still let the media affect me. My own standards do not apply to myself. How does that work?

I am going to do the HCG diet again in 6 weeks. This time instead of shots I am going to use the drops, which are taken twice a day as opposed to the 1 shot a day. I am excited to see if they work better than the shots. The shots work great! I just got really tired of sticking myself every day.

Would I recommend this diet? You bet! It's a great way to lose weight and fast, but it also has really changed my eating habits and my portion control. I thought I was going to starve those first few days, but it really is all in my head. I feel much better and I feel empowered and motivated! I will lose the rest of this weight. I started going to Zumba this week and it makes me excited that I care enough about myself to continue this journey. It's a struggle and it probably always will be, but I have to do it. I want to be around for my kids and I want to be a fun mom who gets out and plays with them. I want to be healthy and happy! I deserve it.


Shauna said...

I have been reading about the HCG diet. My doctor and I talked about it. Did you get the injections from your Doctor?
We were talking about this being a good supplement for those with a metabolism problem.
Give me more information when you have time, please.

Bunderson Family said...

Hey, just wanted to leave a comment. I have been following your blog for a little bit now, cannot remember how I found it...anyways, I have been thinking about HCG...are the drops really the same as the shot? And, should I be worried since its not FDA approved?? My email is jennybunderson at yahoo dot com.

The Garden of Egan said...

I'm just now hearing about the HCT diet. I'm very interested. How did you hear about it? Did you get it from a doc?

Kristy Kaye said...

I know it's super weird when people you don't know comment on your blog but...I love your recipes and fun things. I just saw the HCG posts. I've been thinking of doing it but do NOT want to do the shots. I like the drops idea a ton better. Anyway, would you be able to let me know where you get the drops and who you talked to? THANKS SO MUCH!
Kristy Bott