Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Game-Killer Bunnies

I know this sounds like a crazy, harsh game, but it is our families very favorite game to play together. It is a card game that you can buy booster packs for. You start out with the blue box and add each color as time goes on. But you don't have to have all the cards to play.

It is a funny and satirical game. This game is played with only 1 copy of the game, so players don't need to bring their own decks to play the game unlike other card games.

The object: Collect as many "Carrots" as possible, hoping that one of them is the randomly drawn "Magic Carrot". While doing this, you MUST keep your bunnies alive as long as possible, while doing away with your opponents Bunnies because once all the Carrots have been claimed you must have a living Bunny to win. That is the whole point of the game-is to have THE winning carrot at the end.

The problem: Your opponents are armed with crazy, outrageous weapons (from level 1 weapons such as a "Kitchen Whisk" to level 12 weapons such as the "Nuclear Warhead") and you must roll higher than these levels to survive.

Use cards to protect and defend your Bunnies, such as the funny "Magic Spatula" or other "special" cards, or use a "Feed The Bunny" card to force your opponent to buy cabbage and water (if they have the money to do so)

Your opponents, as the back of the box quotes, "will stop at nothing to keep you from winning the game, which can get dreadfully vengeful,and just plain fun!" It is really fun to play with competitive people. And don't worry-there are ways to bring the bunnies back to life.

This game can be found at Toys r us and I have also seen it at Barnes and Noble. We will be playing this game during the summer break I am sure of it. What are some of your favorite games to play as a family?


Brittany Ann said...

Our favorite games, Wackee Six and Wise and Otherwise. Wackee six is a speed card game, some friends introduced it to us, nd we immediatly made a special trip to go and purchase it in another town.
Wise and otherwise is a word game, it's kind of similar to balderdash.

sharla@mylittlegems said...

We played this with our neighbors several months ago. They love it and we thought it was fun too :)

Amber said...

We got this game for Christmas and played it twice. We have a really hard time with the Magic Carrot winning the game. You could get all but 1 carrot, and still lose! The other thing we don't like about it is the complexity. It took us so long to read the rules and figure the game out and then, it's so complicated to explain to someone else to play with us that it's just not worth the time investment. We were really excited about this game, but ended up feeling a little disappointed. Maybe we'll feel different when our girls are old enough to play it with us. But for now it just sits on the shelf.

Other games we love: Ticket to Ride, Acquire, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, and Candyland with our little one.