Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Traditions

Can I just tell you how much I love Easter? I love everything about it. Most importantly I love to think about the ressurection of my Savior Jesus Christ. I marvel at the thought of what he did for ALL of us. It is a great time to reflect on that and to remind our children what the day is really about. I don't like that it has become another Christmas but the marketing makes us feel like we need to do that for our kids. We keep our visit from the easter bunny very small, but he does come.
Each night before easter my husband and I sit down and make a treasure hunt for the kids to find their baskets. This comes from my husbands childhood. Usually they get Easter clothes and candy but this year I wanted their input on the clothes so this year it is just a DVD and candy. But they love searching for the baskets and we send them to two different places so it isn't a race. I love watching them search and search. We then go to church and that is always a good program. My favorite day of church for sure.
Of course we paint eggs and hide eggs. My favorite tradition from when I was a child that we have adopted as our own is an egg race. We race our hard boiled eggs down a hill and we play until the eggs break. It is so fun and I am so glad that our kids enjoy it too.

What are some of your traditions? We would love to hear!!!

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DV- Rebecca L. said...

I love your egg racing! That is awesome! We try to put something spiritual in thier baskets every year- usually a book about Christ when they are little. We have very little candy if any at all, but we do have chips or something edible. And we do fun cheap outdoor toys. We bare our testimonies to the kids on how grateful we are for Jesus Christ's sacrifice for all of us and what it means to us personally. But aside from that it varies year to year.