Thursday, April 2, 2009

After 14 years and 331 episodes...

The doors of County General are closing. And it makes us want to cry!! It's just a tv show. Life will go on,(I don't think it will) but Thursday nights will never be the same.
I (Mandee) have watched the entire series at least two times if not more. I have always set Thursday night 9:00 pm aside for ER. I don't schedule anything during that time and if for some reason I have something going on I set the VCR and record it. I am a huge ER fan and I am sick about it coming to an end. I have formed relationships with these people! I still hope and wish that Carter and Abby will get together (can it still happen). I have loved the people that you love to hate. I have cried over deaths that aren't even real, I have cried during the weddings, I have cried for the moms that deliver babies. I have laughed at Archie, I have cheered for Ray. I have cried for Dr. Green and wonder if Elizabeth is still doing ok. I wonder what happened to Benton, and was pleased to see him a couple of weeks ago. I am still not a big fan of some and wish I could grow to love them like I did Robert and Pratt.
This is the only TV show that I have invested 15 years with. That is a long time. I now know what MASH, CHEERS, and Friends fans went through. I feel like I should wear black while watching the final show. So as the lights go out in County General, I will always remember the times that we had together. Good luck and thank you for a great run.

In all, the series has won 113 awards including a total of 22 Emmy® Awards, one Golden Globe and eight People's Choice Awards.

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Jessica said...

I was a die hard ER fan for the first 7 years or so. But have not watched for a long time now. I did watch tonight tho. It was so good to see some old faces. I was sad to not see George Clooney or Julianna Margalies (sp?) But it was so cool that Dr. Greenes daughter Rachel was there. When they showed the scene where he was dieing brought me to tears (I always did love him) I just hate to see a good show go off of the air!