Monday, April 20, 2009

17 Again ~ Movie Review & A Kidnapping

I wanted to go see 17 Again for my birthday. I love Matthew Perry, and he hasn't been in anything for a long time! It looked so cute, but my husband didn't really want to go. So the day after my birthday he helped Mandee set up this big elaborate plot to kidnap me and throw a surprise party for me. And I didn't even have an idea. She called me and said that she was stranded in town and needed a ride. We were conveniently already on that side of town, so we ran over to my sister-in-laws to pick her up. Josh sent me to the door to get her and he hurried and pulled out of the driveway and drove off with me at the door. The door came open and SURPRISE! It was a party with all my sister-in-laws, mother-in-law and Mandee. I'll tell you more about it at the end of the post, but here's the info on this AMAZING movie!
Mike O'connell is living with his best-friend, because his wife Scarlett kicked him out. His kids hate him and he just lost his job. He goes back to his old high school to relive his glory days. Here he unknowingly meets his spirit guide, who helps him transform back to his 17-year-old self. He thinks he has a chance to go back and relive his life, a chance to follow his dreams. But once he's 17 he finds out how much his kids really do need him and realizes a lot about himself along the way!
It was a great movies. Zac Efron did an amazing job. The story is cute and I LOVE the points that Zac's character tried to get across to all of the teenagers. He really acted like a parent trapped in a teenagers body. My favorite scene was in Health class, where of course they are talking about sex education. So funny! I am definitely going back to see this one again. I'm making my hubby go, he'd love it. It's hysterical! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
I have admit that I have never seen High School Musical, I have little boy's and they weren't just that interested, but he's a great actor. He reminds me of a young Tom Cruise. He's extremely good-looking!! Oh my! I think I've got myself a little bit of a star crush on him. He's 21, just so you know. I checked it out.
And here we are. All in our party hats, and me in my tiara! From L to R: Kris, Maggie, Me, Becky, Meagan, and Mandee in the green! We wore our party hats to the theater! It was fun. Imagine my surprise when Mandee jumped up and led the whole theater in singing happy birthday to me. I was melting in my seat, but it was fun! They were even kind enough to not buy popcorn and candy to eat in front of me. So sweet! Thanks girls for a great evening!


Kellie said...

So fun, sounds like you had a great day! Happy late b-day!

Kellie said...

oh, I have never seen Zac Efron act but I think he is a cutie too (I would say hottie, but he is so young, haha)...

Heather said...

What a great family! I would be mortified if anyone led a group of people singing for me! Happy belated birthday!

DV- Rebecca L. said...

Happy Birthday, and what a way to P.A.R.T.Y!!!
I LOVED the movie too, and died laughing, I am glad you got to see it :)